First blog post

I have spent a lot of time fishing for different species of fish but primarily focus on Walleyes.  I plan to use this forum to present my views, in my language, to help others refine fishing techniques or just learn some short cuts to a better fishing experience.

I find that as we retire; we leave a circle of friends and experiences.  A lot of what we accomplish in our working years is lost.  I just wanted to pass along a few of my experiences in construction as well.

I will reference a number of family items on my blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my extended family.  At this point I am having difficulties posting a number of photographs so the family blogs are somewhat on hold.

I have a few favourite lines I will share:

1-  Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

2- I despise doing things twice, never mind three times

3- You can’t recover the past so get over it. No one was ever perfect.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hello Marvin!

    I just finished reading your family history blog. A friend’s son married a girl from Japan and they moved closer to her parents near Osaka. When I mentioned your family, my friend wondered how they arrived in Emerson and I started to research “Koizumi Emerson” and I found your blog fascinating! How wonderful for your family, now and in the future, that you are preserving your family history.
    On Monday, I’m having lunch with Eleanor Milne, Diana Scobey and Linda Dowswell (using maiden names) and will share your site with them.
    I hope you and yours are well and thriving!


    1. Hello Donna. It is amazing that you responded on this site. I had to search for my password when I read your message. I have often thought of you over the years as well as the ladies you going to meet. I searched for you a number of times on FaceBook but was never successful. At this point in time I have stalled in my efforts to write and have been focussing on making homemade videos. I post on YouTube every Monday morning under Marvin’s Customized Angling. This site would probably not suit you as I am just starting another adventure. I would like to hear more from you if you would consider this request.
      I want to let you go now by letting you know my mother still lives in Campbell River BC with brother Doug and she curls in two senior leagues. We are trying to wean her away from her driving now as it seems to be a moot point. She turned 94 this year. Dad passed four years ago at 94 and Eileen passed two years ago.
      I am more than happy to have read your note today. Do take care and give my best to the ladies at lunch.


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