Deep water trolling

Deep Water Trolling
The dog days of summer often put a number of fish species down deep. Some relate to the thermocline while others find a comfort zone somewhere in between where food and water temperatures make life easy. Locating and catching these fish can be more challenging for the fisherman who wants to target these fish.

A misconception many anglers have is that the more line you release, the deeper the lure will descend. The truth is, in most cases, the lure will rise above the design depth after line resistance in the water begins to overcome the weight or diving abilities of the lure.

We are able to target fish through all their different habits by tracking them with sonar. The fish can’t hide any more, but you still have to make them bite. One method where the hook meets the jaw is to use thin diameter fishing lines in deep water trolling situations.

Normal trolling with Fireline or Spiderwire will enhance the dive capabilities of all lures by lessening the resistance created by the line in the water. An angler can achieve the designed depth of a lure with less line out or reach greater depths with more line out using these very thin diameter lines.

There are other benefits to using Fireline and Spiderwire in this situation.
One of the benefits is hook setting power. These limited stretch lines achieve better hook sets while trolling because the non-stretch feature drives the hook into the fish’s jaw faster and deeper than a stretchy monofilament line.

Sensitivity is another key feature. There are few times a fisherman can feel a hit and miss while using a long length of monofilament line. The feel or visual impact of a hit and miss can be a critical factor when trying to determine the best trolling pattern and lure combination, especially in deep water situations.
Sensitivity is not nearly as good trolling long lengths of monofilament line due to the suppleness of the line.
Deep water trolling requires the same sensitivity at an eighty-foot depth as you have trolling a lure at fifteen feet.
The only way to achieve this level of sensitivity is with a thin diameter non-stretch line.

Visual indicators such as a vibrating rod tip are enhanced with Fireline and Spiderwire.
It is very easy to see the rod tip vibrate as the lure works its’ magic eighty feet below the boat and is also very evident when the lure tags bottom or weeds are affecting lure action.

Berkley Fireline and Spiderwire Stealth have all the right characteristics for your deep-water trolling needs.
Improve your chances by investing in a non – stretch super line. The results will improve your fishing and catching every time out.

September 26, 2006