Total Control Concept, a new boating option

Total Control Concept

Here are some basic questions you will have to answer should you wish to invest in the Total Control Concept.  This article will clarify and will help you decide if you want the benefits of the Total Control Concept.

Are you thinking about purchasing a tiller boat or are you a current owner?

The Total Control Concept can be installed in most tiller style boats, including car toppers. A picture of your boat or a personal discussion will determine what benefits can be achieved with your boat if you choose to incorporate the Total Control Concept.

Do you want to spend time enjoying your boat?

Boating should be less stressful and less physically demanding for the operator. Ergonomics was one of the key elements built into the Total Control Concept. No more cramped necks, tired wrists, sore shoulders, backs and arms. This idea was implemented in 1997 and proven faultless.  The original project boat is still used today with no changes or alterations from the original installation.

Do you want to make your boat user friendly?

The interpretation of user friendly has to meet certain criteria.  Every detail an operator requires to manage and operate a boat safely and comfortably must be within reach of the operator while seated squarely in the helm seat.

A conventional tiller steer boat has too many limitations.  You are committed to sit in a position that require the operator to steer with his or her dominate hand and arm.  To achieve the proper steering, the operator must be facing the gunwale of the boat, not the bow. Steering is also affected by the reach of the operator.  In many cases the operator starts to leave the helm seat to achieve the maximum steering requirements to safely handle a boat.
User friendly also applies to maximizing usable space within the boat and providing the best ride possible.  The Total Control concept was designed and built with all these features incorporated.

Are you physically challenged?

The Total Control Concept was designed to assist those people who have certain limiting disabilities to operate a boat safely while seated in the operators seat.  Originally it was designed with manual controls but advancements can utilize joysticks and digital controls.  I have not gone beyond manual controls so upper body functions are necessary to operate the current model.

Are you a hardcore fisherman / outdoor enthusiast?

The Total Control Concept has you in mind. You can operate and navigate the boat from the helm seat. You can read bow and transom mounted sonars, follow GPS programs, and do all the adjustments while under power.
The operator can in most cases, operate both the bow mount and stern mount electric trolling motors while seated and not lose any operational or navigational function. These features are always available, no matter what direction the helm seat is facing.  This is the total control I write about.  The helm rotates with all the controls so an operator is never without any operational function.  There is not a position in the boat where anglers are without sonar, GPS or electric trolling motor functions.

Do you want to maximize your horsepower without buying another boat?

The Total Control Concept (PATENT) will allow all tiller boat owners to increase their primary power to the maximum the hull was designed for. This means a tiller boat with the same horsepower as a similar boat with a steering wheel.

Added feature include:

  • Refined weight distribution within the boat, increasing overall performance
  • Reducing the ploughing effect of nose heavy craft and offering a much softer ride in rough conditions
  • Consistently better top speed and boat control than similar boats with a conventional windshield and equal horsepower.
  • Agility, functionality, maneuverability and open space without compromise.
  • Far less fatigue

Nov 24, 2001