A Forever Gift

A Forever Gift

Many parents today feel they owe their children something that they did not have in their childhood but fail to recognize the example they are giving their children. Look at the myriad of electronic gadgets and games available for children and then look into their rooms filled with useless unappreciated toys.  Can you see anything of value or is this a quick way to solve a problem of time management of the part of you, the parent?

There are many occasions where parents brag about a purchase they made for son or daughter; like the best Xbox or the best PlayStation or most recent I Pod. Is this really what a young person needs to grow within?

You spent how much? Why and where is your sense of value? Is this a forever gift for your child?

Electronic gadgetry has taken the fun out of outdoor activities and put the emphasis on Xbox, Play Station and wide screen television. Even these “toys” have “fishing games” amongst a myriad of games depicting shooting, killing, car theft and gang warfare.

But what about the real child; the one we want to protect from war, shooting and violent behaviours. Is there not a place in this world where more parents can get children outdoors so they can visually see and touch life? This is a forever gift every person has an opportunity to exercise.

Many parents are preoccupied with money and all the issues surrounding the ugly word. Some even use this as an excuse for not visiting the outdoors and still many will flip the child a twenty to “get lost” just to get the child out of the house.

Still others with the same money issues choose to ride alone to work instead of bussing or will eat out because it is convenient.

And how much did you say you paid for all those toys?

I can take those extra dollars parent use to blow off their children and turn it into something of real value and I will have more than change left over. It does not matter if you are a parent, relative or friend; you owe it to the young people of today to get them away from the house and show them that their life has real meaning and that they can be part of an ever – lasting legacy.

Let them experience life with a new meaning and maybe, in those moments, you too will find the new meaning of responsibility.  All it takes is for you to get out of the recliner to set the example of what you would like your children to be as an adult.