Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer

Have you ever noticed how your mind wanders when you wish you were somewhere else? Of course, everyone has had a day or two like that.

Today is a working weekend, which in itself is bad enough, but the sky has opened up and even a few hours of bank fishing is going to be a miserable adventure.
And what do we think about? Do we think about the pouring rain and a lost opportunity or relish in the thought that everything around is going to be clean and fresh as soon as the rain stops?
I am looking at the screen saver and see a picture of a project boat that I converted years before and this adds a little color to the day. I look at the screen saver again and reminisce about the hundreds of hours spent fighting a tiller boat and why I converted this boat. Now I am getting into my element and the steady drumming of the rain diminishes.
The working weekend and the pressures of the job is somewhere far away and my mind has found a comforting place.
I look at the picture once more, not wanting to open the computer and look at the work logs ahead. The rain has brought a bright spot in my  day, a window looking at the past, present and the future. The lost weekend and the pouring rain has offered me an opportunity to daydream.

Depressing thoughts have all but disappeared and anticipation and opportunities fill my mind.  I begin to put a collage of mental pictures together from the past. Each picture had brought fresh ideas, another opportunity, another plan and with that, a thousand conversations.

I am looking out of the window to a sky dark and sinister and steady spattering of wind driven rain, but see nothing.
I am on a high; smiling inwards, laughing at myself, remembering friends and family enjoying outdoor adventures, all because of an opportunity to day dream.

June 08, 2008