One Shot Johnson

The Story Behind the One Shot Johnson

B. J., from southern Alberta was the first recipient of the original gift aptly named the One Shot Johnson. When he discovered the gift on his front lawn, he promptly hid it from prying eyes. Too bad it was found at two in the morning. The gift was out on his front lawn all day- for all his friends and neighbours to see!

B. J. is a miserly sort when it comes to bird hunting. He seldom, if ever, fires more than one round at a target. Therefore as his hunting friends, we nicknamed him One Shot Johnson.

One blustery fall day, we find B.J. sitting in a goose blind. He was napping as usual as a flock of geese made their way to him. As expected, they caught him off guard.  We opened the goose pit lid to fire.  B.J. awoke to the firing of shotguns and tried to make the best of his one shot.
In a daze, B.J. pulls up to take a shot. Too late- the birds are passing overhead.
B.J. decided to shoot from a sitting position and promptly went ass over teakettle.
If any one knows of B.J.; the fit inside the goose blind would be mighty tight under the best of circumstances. So imagine this.

Yes- a five-gallon pail stuck between his legs, feet in the air, head buried in the bottom of the blind and of course the smoking gun barrel flailing at the now departed birds.
But can you imagine his hunting partners’ dilemma when B. J. ends his acrobatics with a classic B.J fart?
Laughing, gagging, huffing, puffing, holding your breath, swearing, cussing and more gagging! Were talking burning eyes, uncontrolled tears, lack of breath and a potential black out. Very serious situations, all because B.J. is blocking the door and the goose blind and no one can get out.
Well- B.J. earned the title of One Shot Johnson and then some that day and the original gift was to remind him of his graceful mannerism in the goose blind.

Highlights of the One Shot Johnson:
Custom made five-gallon pail c/w with toilet paper dispenser
-Bucket has gas vents for unprovoked gas release
-Custom made, fur lined toilet seat with honey pail liner
– Bandolier of extra shot shells mounted to the front of the pail
– all mounted to a wide plywood base with footpads shaped like a Sasquatch’s feet
– Anti – tipping Velcro boot straps mounted to the Sasquatch cut outs
-Custom painted in camouflage green and yellow
Please note:
– Missing hand grips


Friends do funny things for friends!

This model has since been rebuilt twice and passed to two other friends!