Pro’s pointers 2

The overhand knot stinger hook is a bit difficult to explain but I will attempt to describe this gem for you.  The goal is to enable everyone to tie a stinger hook on the boat or at home and make multiple length options with or without attaching a hook.  I believe there is a YouTube video linked to Sask Landing Fishing Adventures in this regard.

I make factory style stingers myself and quit buying them pre-made mostly because they were not quite the lengths I needed at the time or fit the bait I was using.  Then I came upon this idea and now prefer them over the stinger hooks I copied from manufacturers.

Some years ago I field tested  a braided line called Stren Microfuse.  I was thoroughly impressed with this line and kept the partial spool after the field testing was completed. I started to play with this 15# line to see if I could dream up a good idea or better mouse trap.

First of all, this line is very tough.  Made with micro Dyneema fibres, it falls in the category of a super line.  Because it is a super line, it has a very thin diameter and is almost translucent in the ice blue coloration.

I started to use this line to make stinger hooks modelled after the commercial ones but this turned out to be a failure.  The line is super slick and I could not get the guaranteed clinch when I pinched the metal sleeve.  Then I decided to experiment with line slippage and finally developed the overhand knot stinger hook that was faultless, flexible and unbelievably strong.

I do not like making this type of stinger hook with monofilament line as there is one step in construction that can weaker the entire system.  That occurs when we open the loop for the first time and pull the two overhand knots together.  The friction that occurs during this step can crystallize monofilament rendering it very weak.

How to construct

Take your spool of SpiderWire, Stren or Berkley braid and grab the line.  Tie a single or double overhand knot near the end of the tag end and snug up.

Fold the line double and check the length.  This is where you can adjust the stinger length by watching how long your doubled line is.  Pinch one end of the doubled line and then grasp the end where your initial overhand knot is located.

Carefully take the doubled up line and make another over hand knot.  Gently pull the knot tight and lead it to the first knot on the single line.  Cinch the overhand knot on the doubled up line and trim.  Make sure you do not cut off the original overhand knot.  Chances are good that the first knot and the second overhand knot are not tight together, but you now have made a loop.

Open the loop and pull until the first knot is jammed against the second knot.  Now this knot will not fail as the first knot prevents any line slippage through the second overhand knot.

Take your desired stinger hook and run the doubled line through the eye and then open the double line to expose the loop and pass it over the hook.  Pass the hook through the loop and pull snug.  You should have locked the hook on with this move but it is not a knot.

You take the opposite end and wrap the doubled line around the hook.  Then open the doubled line and pass the stinger hook through the loop and cinch up.  You now have a stinger hook attached to the jig or whatever hook you chose to attach the stinger too.

In some cases, an angler may want to add a small split ring on the opposite end of the stinger hook or attach a quick change clip.  Both these methods are good but much better if you fill the void in the clip or the split ring with Plasti Dip.

Although the stinger is carried by a doubled line, the thin diameter does not deter bites or alter the movement of your baits.  Unlike a knot, it is very easy to loosen this device and put on different hooks or change out the stinger hooks.

An angler can tie numerous loops ahead of time and store them in his tackle bag.  The loops can be of various lengths to accommodate all sizes of baits and the stinger hook need not be installed so hook choices can remain open until needed.

This is a simple overhand knot stinger hook.  I promise you they are better than a commercially bought stinger, stronger and less expensive.